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Product Spotlight:  1 Series

Daavlin 1 Series Phototherapy UnitIntelligently designed for patients who want to receive phototherapy treatments in the comfort of their own home, Daavlin’s 1 Series is an affordable option that is surprisingly  powerful and effective.  In addition, the versatility of the 1 Series is perfect for those who only need to treat smaller areas of the body, such as the hands or feet.

Whether using the optional 1 Series stand accessory (purchased separately) or not, the 1 Series can be positioned in a variety of ways to allow optimal patient comfort while treating.  Horizontally on its side, vertically on its end, flat on its back, or pivoting on a stand – the 1 series is a versatile and convenient way to treat the hands, feet, face or any other localized areas of the body.

Measuring just over 21” in length and only 9lbs, the 1 Series is extremely light weight and portable. The 1 Series is convenient to store, easy to move about the home or office, and perfect for travel.

Even with just four lamps, the 1 Series boasts a very high output and can out-powers devices with double the number of conventional lamps.  Featuring quality Philips® PLL lamps, the 1 Series is available with a wide variety of differing wavelengths; UVA, UVA1, Narrowband UVB, and Blue Light lamps.  This allows the 1 Series to treat a wide variety of skin conditions, such as psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, and many others.  And, because these lamps are electrically connected at just one end, they are very easy to change.

Daaavlin 1 Series with Optional Stand

Like all Daavlin home phototherapy units, the 1 Series can be prescribed with FlexRx, Daavlin’s exposure limiting software.   “Refilling” the prescription for additional exposures is totally free, and only requires a simple call or fax to Daavlin; we will then call the patient with their new FlexRx refill pass code.

Daavlin’s home phototherapy units are reasonably priced and frequently covered by insurance, including Medicare, and our insurance processing team does the work!  Online prescribing is also available thanks to Daavlin’s new ClearLink provider portal, offering secure prescriptions, messaging and the generation of patient instructions.

With over 35 years of experience in product design and innovation in the home and clinical phototherapy markets, we are here to serve both care providers and patients while offering the highest quality products.  For more information on our 1 Series and our complete line of phototherapy units, visit us at and see the Daavlin Difference!