UV Phototherapy

The Healing Power of UV LightThe Healing Power of Light

Since the earliest of times, when sunlight was the only source, it has been recognized that light can heal.  Over time, researchers were able to mimic specific wavelengths in order to safely harness the therapeutic light rays while eliminating the damaging ones.

Phototherapy is the use of these therapeutic rays to treat specific skin conditions.  Daavlin has been combining this scientific knowledge with technical innovation to lead the phototherapy marketplace since 1981.

The use of ultraviolet light in the treatment of photo-responsive skin diseases is safe, highly effective and time tested, making it an essential tool in dermatology offices of the 21st century.  Daavlin has consistently led the clinical marketplace with innovations such as integrating dosimetry, built in treatment protocols, a patient database and EMR compatibility to make the delivery of phototherapy safe for patients and trouble-free for physicians and their staff.