UV Therapy Accessories

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A full line of accessories to assist you with your phototherapy practice.

These items include UV blocking eyewear, replacement lamps, Dose Patch MED test patches, meters and cleaning supplies.

Light Meters

UV Protective Eyewear

Eyewear that blocks all UVA and UVB energy is a must! Daavlin has a selection of glasses and goggles providing both patient and physician with superior eye protection.

UV Blocking Glasses

Our Fitover style glasses can be worn over existing prescription glasses, while the regular design may be used if corrective eyewear is not worn. Both styles are available in a variety of colors to suit your patients’ tastes, enhancing compliance with your eye protection instructions. These glasses offer excellent comfort as well as safety, and include carrying case.

UV Blocking Goggles

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Replacement Lamps

Daavlin stocks a wide variety of lamps in UVA, Narrow Band UVB and Broad Band UVB.  We are capable of relamping almost any competitor phototherapy unit, as well as any Daavlin unit you may have. See Lamp Specifications

Daavlin Part Number Lamp Type Length
060OF72HO UVA 72″
060FS72HO BB UVB 72″
060FS72SOFT NB UVB 72″
060OF24HO UVA 24″
060FS24HO BB UVB 24″
060FS20TL-01 NB UVB 24″
060PWUVALAMP UVA 6″ for DermaPal
060PWBBLAMP BB UVB 6″ for DermaPal
060PWNBLAMP NB UVB 6″ for DermaPal
060PLL36W-10 PLL UVA1 16″
060PLL36W-09 PLL UVA 16″
060PLL36W-06 PLL BB UVB 16″
060PLL36W-01 PLL NB UVB 16″

Dose Patch MED Testing

The Daavlin DosePatch is a disposable MED/MPD test patch that goes on like a bandage. It makes dose testing easier than ever. Individual patches come with six exposure windows. Need more than six windows? Simply add another patch. The DosePatch comes in boxes of 100 and is hypoallergenic.

Light Meters

Light Meters: 
Available for rent or purchase, you can use the same meters that our service team relies upon for accuracy and dependability. We offer UVA1 and NB UVB specific meters, along with a combination UVA, BB UVB and NB UVB model. Our meters come with a protective carrying case; a tripod and bracket (meter kit) can be purchased separately.

Part Number Meter Model Light Type Measured
925GOX11 Daavlin X1D Combo UVA, BB-UVB, NB-UVB
925GOX11NB Daavlin X1D NB NB-UVB only
925GOX11UVA1 Daavlin X1D UVA1 UVA1
925GOX11BLUE Daavlin X1D Bluelight Blue Light
925METERKIT Optional meter kit fits all Daavlin meters

DermaClean Disinfectant Wipes

Clean patient contact surfaces between treatments with Daavlin’s disinfectant wipes. They come in an easy to store canister and pull out individually.  Eighty wipes per canister. Can also be used throughout the office.

Our Products


The ML24000 is the most technologically advanced UVA1 phototherapy unit available for treating skin disorders.

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Daavlin's latest innovation combines many unique features which set it apart from the competition. SmartTouch control, Crystal Cool temperature management and Crystal Clear acrylic interior are standard features of NeoLux.

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4 Series

Powerful yet versatile, the 4 series is ideal for treating localized areas of the body.

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1 Series

A small panel weighing just 10 lbs. and with a surprisingly high output, this unit is ideal for treatment of the face, hands and more.

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The Lumera is a breakthrough in targeted phototherapy for dermatoses of the scalp and localized areas of the body.

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Light weight and portable, the DermaPal wand is an excellent choice for the scalp, spot treatments, and hard to reach areas.

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This innovative device, designed for treatment of the scalp and spots, brings targeted phototherapy into the convenience of your home.

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M Series

Specifically created for the hands and feet, the M series has lamps in both the hood and base for multi- directional therapy.

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7 Series

A 6 foot panel with optional doors, the 7 series is highly efficient and offers full-body treatment in a space- saving design.

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