Flex Control System

The Flex Dosimeter Control allows treatments to be entered in Joules (UVA) or milliJoules (UVB) as prescribed by a physician.  A special UV sensor measures the intensity of the light and adjusts the treatment time to compensate for any variation in output due to aging of the lamps or other factors.  The Flex Dosimeter Control affords the most accurate delivery of ultraviolet light therapy.  Treatments are programmed in a few simple keystrokes. One touch operation allows you to conveniently begin, pause, or resume any treatment.

The simpler Flex Timer Control option allows treatments to be entered in units of time only (minutes:seconds) as prescribed by a physician.  The state-of-the-art digital timer provides treatment duration accuracy.

A removable safety key prevents unauthorized use, which is particularly important where children are present.

The Flex Control System is available in Daavlin’s:

Choosing between a timer or dosimetry?