Daavlin Cares Program

You care about your patients….and so do we!

Living clear is the hope of every person who battles psoriasis, vitiligo, or eczema, and as their care provider you want to give them the very best. By choosing a Daavlin home phototherapy unit, you have done just that!

You have selected the highest quality product, supported by the most friendly, knowledgeable sales and service team in the industry. But more than that….Daavlin cares. We care about your patients and we’re taking the initiative to help you, so that you can help them! Daavlin Cares is a program that allows you to periodically prescribe a free home phototherapy device to benefit one of your patients. With your help, those who simply cannot afford a home unit can receive a device at absolutely no cost!

The program is simple. Each time a patient receives a Daavlin home phototherapy device that you have prescribed, you will receive 100 Care Credits. The credits don’t expire and you can redeem them when you have a patient in need. To check your credit balance or for more information, contact Emily at 800.322.8546 x 212 today!

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Thank you for joining the Daavlin Cares Program! We appreciate your commitment to home phototherapy and to your patients.

Please fill out the information below, and Daavlin will set up your account and send you a supply of patient folders for your office. We review accounts monthly, and will notify you by email to let you know when you have accrued enough credits for a free unit for one of your patients!

Our Commitment to You and Your Patients Starts….Now!


We review all registered accounts monthly and will notify you when you have enough credits for a free device for a patient. Then you can either choose to prescribe it immediately or keep accruing credits for a larger unit. You will receive a certificate to send in with your prescription so we can ship your patient their free device. Select from the following popular Daavlin home phototherapy units equipped with narrowband UVB lamps and integrated digital control systems…

Terms and Conditions:

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