Benefits of Dosimetry in Home Units

Home Dosimetry Facilitates Fast Clearing and Greater Patient Safety

Integrated dosimetry controllers measure the actual light output of the phototherapy device in real time and adjust the treatment length to give exactly the programmed dose.   Benefits can include:

Lamps on phototherapy equipment have the same characteristics as regular lights.  Even small changes in room temperature, for example, can significantly change the operating characteristics of the lamps.  Simply turning the unit on and letting it warm up for a few minutes doesn’t mean you’ll get the right dose.  You may get an under-dose.

Everyone is aware of the perils of overdosing but under-dosing can significantly compromise treatment results as well. When receiving repeated, small, ineffective doses of UV radiation, the skin’s natural defense is photoadaptation.

This means the patient requires more treatments and larger doses than optimally necessary to overcome the blocking effects of the increasingly adapted skin. Not only will lower than prescribed dosages be less effective, they unnecessarily increase the total lifetime dose of UV radiation a patient requires for desired results and an increased risk of long term side effects.

Integrating dosimetry is an effective way to deliver the exact dosages your doctor has prescribed.  The greater therapeutic efficiency conserves lamp life by eliminating the need for stabilizing warm up times and prolonged therapy caused by under-dosing.

The benefits of this option are well worth the extra cost!  Ask your Daavlin Patient Representative how to get integrated dosimetry added to your order.