Prescribing Home Units

Let’s Be Clear!  At Daavlin, we strive to make prescribing home phototherapy units for your patients easy and convenient for you and your staff.  Here are just a few of the ways:

We have created a patient hand-out folder called “ClearTalk About Home Phototherapy.” This unique hand-out explains home phototherapy in terms that your patients will understand.  It will answer many of their questions and offer helpful advice as well as provide the needed forms should they decide to place an order.


In addition, we are pleased to share three more tools for you and your staff. Created with advice from a dermatologist, these forms will help you monitor, guide and instruct your patients about their home phototherapy treatment plan. Feel free to print and use these forms as needed!


Our Patient Order Packet is also available here, to download and print. This packet can then be given to your patient and they can fill it out, or they can fill out the on-line version on this website.  ( At the end of each printed Patient Order Packet you will find a Doctor’s Written Order form for your convenience. )


To prescribe, you will simply need to provide us with a Doctor’s Written Order for the unit you are prescribing and 5-10 pages of relevant chart notes.  This written order takes the place of a prescription and the letter of medical necessity, to make prescribing even easier than ever!


Would you prefer to prescribe online?  Try ClearLink today!  Our secure prescriber’s web portal allows you to add your staff, prescribe, create customized patient instructions, send secure messages, and more!

Many prescribers have their patient fill out the order form in the waiting room and then send Daavlin the information all together.  Once we receive the completed Patient Order Packet and your Doctor’s Written Order we can get started! Insurance companies require relevant chart notes, so if you include 5-10 pages, it will speed up the process.

You will be pleased to know that each and every patient is connected with a Patient Account Specialist who will handle their order from start to finish.  These specialists obtain insurance benefits, pre-authorization and work out the payment and delivery details of the purchase.

Let us do the paperwork so that you and your staff don’t have to!

Keep in mind, unlike other phototherapy companies, Daavlin does NOT charge the patient a fee for our insurance processing service!


When the unit is ready to ship to the patient’s home, your office will receive a faxed dosing guide, or if you have prescribed with ClearLink, you will receive a secure email notification.  Your patient will continue to see you for their treatment schedule and follow-up exams, so we put the dosing information right into your hands!

If your patient has any questions about the operation of the unit, please encourage them to call us, toll free at 1-800-322-8546 x 208.  Our service techs are standing by to help them learn how to program their unit or answer questions about its features and functions.   We have customer service and technical support available by phone or chat from 8:00am to 8:00pm EST Monday through Thursday and 5:00pm on Fridays, so even customers on the west coast can reach us in the evening if needed.

Please know that Daavlin does not provide treatment dosages to patients. We encourage them to seek this advice from you, their doctor. However, if you would like suggested protocols or have any questions, please feel free to call us for information. We are happy to assist you!

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