Phototherapy Time and Dose Calculators

Daavlin Smartphone appWhen treating with phototherapy, one of the keys to success is increasing the dose properly to avoid photoadaptation.  Many treatment protocols require increases of 10 or 15%, which sounds easy, but calculating a percentage of time can actually be tricky!

Daavlin has created calculators that simplify the process of increasing your phototherapy dose.  Use these handy tools either on this website by following the links below, or by downloading the free apps for Android or iOS.


UVB Time Calculator – Time increases for Digital Timer devices.

UVB Dose Calculator – Doses in milliJoules and back-up times for Dosimetry devices.

UVA & PUVA Calculator – Doses in Joules for UVA devices.


To download the mobile apps, go to iTunes or Google Play, or follow the links below:

Apple on iTunes

Android on Google Play