Clear Skin

How Does Phototherapy Work?

Phototherapy uses therapeutic light rays to treat specific skin conditions, such as psoriasis.  It is an effective treatment for those with mild to severe skin conditions and is flexible enough for home or clinical use.

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Median Time of Clearance:

Most phototherapy patients start to see clearer skin in as little as 5 weeks1.  And with fewer potential side effects, it is a safer, more natural treatment option.

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Clearance Rates:

Studies show that phototherapy has a much higher clearance rate than competing biologic drugs.  Phototherapy has a clearance rate of 82%1 compared to the 62% clearance rate2 of Humira® and clearance rate3 for Enbrel® between 47-49%.

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Because phototherapy devices are a Class II medical device, a doctor’s prescription is necessary for purchase or use.

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