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An intuitive, touch-screen system that makes it easy for patients to follow their doctors’ instructions with simple, on-screen prompts. The ClearLink Controller is the new standard of excellence on most Daavlin Home Phototherapy devices.



Daavlin’s ClearLink™ Controller

ClearLink records the date, time, and length of each treatment including any repeats needed for full-body coverage.  Patients can download their treatment history using an onboard USB port and then provide it to their prescribing physician.

ClearLink prescriptions can be written in any of three different modes:  Timed, Dosimetric and Guided.  Detailed descriptions of each are provided below.  In Dosimetric and Guided modes, the dose in Joules or MilliJoules is recorded in addition to the length of the treatment.  Guided mode uses the patient’s observed response to their skin’s reaction to therapy to adjust doses during the treatment program.

3 Modes for Maximum Accuracy and Efficiency:

Guided Mode: Patient doses are automatically adjusted based on time between treatments and the patient’s response to therapy.  A built-in sensing system called integrating dosimetry measures light output and adjusts the length of each treatment.  Guided Mode ensures that the physician’s treatment instructions are followed exactly.

Dosimetric Mode: As with Guided Mode, the system measures the light being produced and adjusts the treatment time accordingly, delivering a consistently accurate treatment regardless of lamp age or room temperature.  Doses are entered in Joules or MilliJoules, depending on the type of lamps prescribed.  Patient treatments are not auto-adjusted as with Guided Mode.

Timed Mode: The patient enters a treatment time in minutes and seconds and the device automatically shuts off when the prescribed time has been reached. There is no auto-adjustment of the treatment regimen in the Timed Mode.





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