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I use the Aquex Iontophoresis machine by Daavlin to help stop excessive sweating caused by hyperhidrosis. It has been an absolute lifesaver! I use it exactly how the instructions tell me to and within 10 days my palmar and plantar sweating is 100% gone. I do not know what I would do without this machine in my life! Thank you so much for making this product so effective, cost-friendly, and easy to use! I tell everyone with hyperhidrosis about this miracle machine that I have found!

B.D. Pacifica, CA

I think Bob is invaluable to your company and you should be proud to have him on your team! I know I would have not gotten this level of service from your competitors. P.S. The light therapy is working! YIPEEE!


Some of my worst and widest spread spots have practically been eliminated. The ceasing of scaling and itching has been a great relief. I realize that there is no cure for psoriasis and that it may, and probably will, re-appear, however, the results achieved will alleviate the need for other more expensive and risky approaches such as injections.

G.S. Mechanicsburg, PA

My Daavlin light unit has saved me many hours of travel to my dermatologist’s office, three times a week. The unit is easy to operate and very effective. Its compact design makes it almost inconspicuous in the room.

B.B. Penobscot, ME

This product is amazing. We tried methotrexate with no improvement then we were going to have to do Humera. The light therapy unit completely cleared up the psoriasis! No drugs!!

J.C. Bellingham, WA

I am very satisfied. It makes it so convenient. No more driving 140 miles 2-3 times a week or skipping treatments due to illness or weather. my psoriasis is so much better controlled.

L.H. Bostic, NC

I’m so grateful to have an at-home device. The commute was very stressful and often more than 2 hours round trip (due to traffic).

B.S. San Clemente, CA

I wish more people would know and that dermatologists would offer this treatment instead of decades of useless ointments.


The machine is great and all the reps have been super. Thanks so much.

J.S. Clinton, MS

Thank you!!! so much. Her vitiligo is almost 100% cleared.

T.M. Chesapeake, VA

Overall, I am absolutely satisfied. I would not hesitate to refer to friends. All people working there are professional and exceptional!

F.P. Seattle, WA

Happy to have spoken to a live person immediately. Continue to have “LIVE” people answer calls!

C.F. Bow, NH

I am eternally grateful for my Daavlin product! Zero complaints.

I.B. Niwot, CO

You offer excellent service. Thank you!!!

E.R. Buena Park, CA

You were very helpful, even when my insurance company refused to pay at first. You found a way to get me the product at a reasonable price.

K.V. Topeka, KS

I love the product. I can finally control my psoriatic plaque.

C.V. South Bristol, ME

Keep up the good work and a big thanks to your phone representatives for being so patient with us older people, thanks again!

G.L. Victorville, CA

Our rep was and has been amazing and responsive and kind.

G.M. Columbus, OH

I found the process to be super easy – thank you!

J.R. San Francisco, CA

I will see my CTCL specialist today and get to show off the 1 Series panel. It’s working great – I’m soooooo happy with it! It is very easy to incorporate into my day and I can already see the effect of using it. Thank you again for your help and great service. I will recommend Daavlin (and have) to everyone!!!!


The process was initiated by my dermatologists office. My experiences with the Daavlin rep was very professional. They answered all questions and the product arrived before they said I would receive it. Thank you!

G.A. Fairfield, OH

Wonderful! Thank you! It has changed my life.

S.S. Shelby Twp, MI

Great product. Doing the job clearing my skin.

E.N. Stockton, CA

Email service with your staff was excellent, very clear and helpful.

J.B. San Jose, CA

Holly was perfect in all ways. She could not have been any better than she was. I am completely satisfied. Thank you.


Your customer service is amazing. I wish my company was as efficient as yours.

R.B. Portland, OR

I am writing to thank you for your help in obtaining my new 1 Series unit. I could not be more pleased with my “little panel.” It’s as though Daavlin read my mind and created a unit just for me! It’s very simple to use and track my treatment dosage, and it’s compact size makes it very portable and easy to work the treatments into my day. I’m already starting to see results! My doctor is also equally pleased and I would not be surprised if he prescribes the unit for other patients.

S.W. from NY

Every step of the way Daavlin took care of my needs. Replacement bulbs, receipts I needed for insurance company, questions, every need I had was met with great care, Thank You!

C.A. Petaluma, CA

LOVE LOVE LOVE your product. Allows me treatment in the privacy of my home.

D.S. Portland, OR

Your full body panel worked wonders – I’m almost completely clear. I cannot thank Kim enough for her assistance!

G.L. Bridgeport, NY

It was easy to assemble, instructions were clear, start-up was easy.

T.B. Vashon, WA

Very satisfied with equipment and service!

M.A. Fairbanks, AK

I really liked the models available and the extra support and helpful information that Daavlin provides. I think you did a wonderful job!

M.P. Burnsville, MN

Thanks for response to three phone calls! I am very pleased with near correction of a terrible five years of eczema!

B.T. Cincinnati, OH

I am very pleased with my machine!

L.S. Oviedo, FL

I am very happy! Customer service was great, product is working… 10x thank you!

E.M. Bruce Township, MI

Everything was as expected. Assembly and installation was quite easy. Thank you.

P.H. Oakland, CA

I was pleasantly surprised and happy for the excellent service provided in ordering my machine and for my questions being answered in a very professional way. From my perspective, no improvement needed! Thank you.

V.P. North Attleboro, MA

Everyone I have spoken with at Daavlin has been super! I should have reached out to you sooner for assistance!

J.C. Cary, NC

Everything about Daavlin has been helpful (service rep, website, brochure, tech support). Thank you very much!

M.N. Grosse Ile, MI

I want to say thank you to Kim again. She’s the best!!

E.H. Roaring Spring, PA

The website was extremely helpful in the early stages. I also had a question after I made a mistake with one treatment. The technician was prompt to return my call and was very helpful. This has been a very smooth and extremely helpful process for skin care!

M.B. Port Orchard, WA

At this time you guys are doing everything excellent.

J.R. San Diego, CA

Very satisfied with the product and service. Also the product seems to be helping my skin problems. And thank you. (7 Series X 8)

R.M. Pinckeyville, IL

I have been nothing but pleased with my Daavlin experience!

A.M. Mounds View, MN

The product is effective and easy to use. I recommend this product for psoriasis suffers! (1 Series T)

R.Y. San Diego, CA

The service department was extremely helpful in explaining how to use the light box. Joe and another man there are terrific!

B.B. Tucson, AZ

Just happy my skin issues are finally starting to improve!

K.P. Sault Sainte Marie, MI

Everything moved through so smoothly, Thank you!!

D.R. Forest, VA

I only wish I knew about Daavlin products sooner. I would recommend advertising the products to patients whom needs the same treatment as I do.

V.H. Orangevale, CA

You all were awesome, professional, knowledgeable, helpful!

C.S. Olympia, WA

This product has worked perfectly in reducing our daughters hand and foot sweat. (Aquex)

E.L. St Louis, MO

I like being able to do my therapy at home. The set up was very easy.

C.F. Foster City, CA

The entire experience was wonderful. This machine has helped my daughter gain confidence back and not have to worry about her excessive sweaty hands. I can’t thank you enough!!

S.L. O’Fallon, IL

I’m very happy with my Series 7, I’m happy that I don’t have to travel to the Dr.’s office three times a week!

J.G. Lakeport, CA

Every step of the way has been seamless. I’m very happy with the ease of use and the very good results of your product. It’s so easy. Good-bye to years of daily ointment rub downs! (7 Series T)

G.R. Vallejo, CA

Overall, my contact and experience with Daavlin is excellent.

D.B. Hercules, CA

Great product and outstanding customer service! (1 Series T)

A.Q. Milpitas, CA

Loved the tech support I got from Daavlin. The man I talked to was patient and helpful.

L.M San Diego, CA

I’d like to thank the service man who came out to fix the timer. The timer went out on my machine, and the lady that directed me to the service-tech, thank you very much!

M.F. Manteca, CA

I called Daavlin several times for help and your people were ALWAYS very friendly and patient with me. Thank you for having great people in customer service! Got it all figured out.

L.J. Chesterfield, MO

Thought I would be overwhelmed with the product and operating it, but it was simple, easy and great to use. (7 Series T)

S.M. Minneapolis, MN

I am very satisfied with my Daavlin Home Care Center. I just wished I had known about this option earlier. I switched from a Physician’s Assistant to a Dermatologist and was immediately prescribed your unit. (7 Series T 12)

W.W. Charlevoix, MI

Will recommend your company to my friends.


The light unit has helped my eczema quite a bit and I am satisfied with my purchase and experience with the Daavlin representative. The website is also very informative. Thanks!

K.G. Slayton, MN

Everything was satisfactory and every staff person I’ve dealt with has been very helpful and professional.


From top to bottom, one of the better purchasing experiences I’ve had, plus outstanding after-sales tech support. And although my insurance flat declined to assist with my purchase (even with coverage!), your representative worked to get me a fair price! Many companies could learn how to treat their customers as you do!

C.S. Portland, OR

So far, I am happy. The treatment has been going very well!

S.G. Arlington, VA

All-in-all I’m grateful for this UVB-system, it has been the missing puzzle-piece health-wise! Thank you!!!

J.F. Amery, WI

Your product has finally given me some results after over 4 years of dealing with my condition. (Dermapal)

K.C. Reston, VA

Our experience was very good. Taylor was an absolute delight to work with. She guided us through the entire process efficiently and processed the paperwork very quickly. She told us what to expect upon delivery and what to check for. The entire ordering process went smoothly, and we were able to start therapy within 2 weeks of placing order. Thank you!

M.G. Milpitas, CA

I received my Levia unit in March to treat scalp psoriasis. I received training over the phone by Linda, my Patient Specialist and she was very informative and reassuring and helped me understand how to properly use my equipment. I have been doing regular treatments and it has completely changed my life!  I no longer have to worry about leaving “flakes” where ever I go and I can where dark colors without worrying about concealing the flakes. I can also wear my hair any way I want to!  It is so liberating. I think my hair is even starting to come back in the places where it was thinning due to my psoriasis. THANK YOU to everyone that has assisted me in this journey!  R.O.

Stacy, MN

Tim, thanks so much for getting back to me.  I am so pleased with the 7 Series unit - almost beyond words.  My psoriasis is almost unnoticeable as a result of about 3 months of treatments.

P.B.  Silver Springs, MD

Dear Daavlin,  I want you to know what a great employee you have in Krista.  She spent months trying to get approval from my insurance and finally got my light covered.  Thank you for all your help!

S.H.  West Jordan, UT

As a vitiligo patient, I realize that even when I’ve reached a plateau in treatment response or my vitiligo is stable, until a cure is found I will still have vitiligo which is known for cycles of spreading, and cycles of stability. Consequently there is a good chance that I will be using some form of treatment off and on, for the rest of my life. The most wonderful part about having your own light unit is that you can use it at your own convenience. You can plan your light treatments around your own schedule. On the days I am using my light, I generally use it the first thing in the morning. Afterwards I apply my topical treatment, grab breakfast, shower, then go through the time consuming process of tediously applying the corrective cosmetics, then dress- and get on with my day. If I had to leave my office 3 days a week, commute to a Dr’s office, sit in a waiting room- go to the treatment room- remove my clothing AND my MAKE-up, treat, re-dress, spend 30 minutes RE-APPLYING make-up- then drive back to work, I could easily lose 2 hours- for a 5 minute treatment! I can’t imagine maintaining that sort of schedule (not to mention the expense) for any therapeutic length of time. Having a home light unit makes so much more sense. As soon as you notice any spreading – you start treating. No additional expense, no hassle with trying to schedule appointments. Morning, noon, night, weekends or holidays, however it works best for your schedule, it’s your decision! Let Daavlin do the leg work for you. Their customer service is awesome and they are pros with getting insurance coverage. This is one decision you’ll never regret!

J. Gardner

Sonia was excellent! I chose Daavlin because of it’s reputation and they had the best price, too.

J.B. Orrington, ME

I don’t know what I would have done without you! BTW, the treatments are working. I am only in week 4 and the plaquing is less and my feet don’t look as red. I even have one tiny area where the skin already looks almost normal!!! Yipeee! Usually heat really flares things up and I was in Sacramento for 3 days this week and the temps were 106…my feet did pretty good which is miraculous! I took my lights with me and did a treatment so I could stay on schedule. Wish you guys were closer…I would come and say Hi!

H.T. Reno, NV

Kim went way out of her way to help me. She was courteous, professional and very knowledgeable about the products and my insurance.

R.W. Winterhaven, FL

I was not home when my machine arrived. I called in and talked to the tech (Joe) and he was very detailed and good!


I recently received my M series unit. Emily was my Patient Account Specialist and did a great job of keeping me informed on the progress of my insurance claim. Daavlin wasn’t in my insurance network, but she took care of getting them to make an exception and all of the paperwork. My dermatologist office had no previous experience with home phototherapy and Daavlin’s staff has been a God send to both the doctor’s office and to me. Emily, John and Joe have been so patient with me and the nurses. Because of Daavlin I am now on my way to proper treatment protocols. My only suggestion is to make the instruction manual a little bit easier for those of us who don’t know what we are doing! Thanks for sharing all of your time and expertise!

J.M. Crystal, MN

Daavlin was recommended by my dermatologist, and I was very happy about the way they handled my insurance for me. Kim was outstanding!

R.P. Lewes, DE

Sonia was great! She has an excellent overall knowledge, and was always so polite! I trusted her and she worked out all the details of my insurance coverage. I heard about Daavlin from the National Psoriasis Foundation and told my doctor about it.

S.A. Jackson Heights, NY

Thank you for helping with the approval from my insurance. My doctor told me that he wanted me to have a home phototherapy unit and Emily was so helpful. She explained the whole process, every step of the way.

D.K. Omaha, NE

Phototherapy has always worked for me. I saw an ad in the NPF magazine for Daavlin home units as well as another company, so I called them both. The other company I had to leave a message. When I called Daavlin, Kim answered the phone and she impressed me so much that I made my decision to choose Daavlin. The way Daavlin does all of the insurance filing is so helpful. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!


I was making too many trips to the doctor’s office and the cost of the copay was too much. My doctor prescribed a Daavlin 7 Series for my psoriasis. I got the kind with lamps in the doors because I also have psoriasis on my sides. Daavlin was top notch. I’m satisfied with everything! Thank you!

R.K. Penobscot, ME

Emily, Thanks so much for your compassion and patience. I’ll always remember how you helped me.


I heard about Daavlin home units from the National Psoriasis Foundation. Daavlin helped me find a doctor in my area. No one else has offered to help me so much. Thanks!


I couldn’t have asked for a more attentive, knowledgeable and hardworking Account Specialist than Sonia. She followed the entire process, keeping me updated all the way. She answered all of my questions promptly and accurately. I wish that other companies were as responsive and helpful as Daavlin has been.

C.C. (on behalf of  child, A.C.)

Taken with permission from an E-mail from M.K., 7/08…. “i should be the poster child for phototherapy… in 1976, w/in a year of leaving the armed services and the jungles of Alabama and Mississippi w/ a honorable discharge, thank you, a strange patch of skin developed on my left calf. soon after that, patches showed up around my hip area. at first, visiting the local loco dermatologist, it was diagnosed as numular eczema.. he told me there was no cure, get used to it, to lead a stress free life, and prescribed Anarax ? What an — he was..and he’s still in business. ok so shoot ahead 20yrs…and i’m dealing w/ the continual flaking off of skin around my hips..sometimes bloody sores, when i’m stressed out..a patch develops under my right arm..below the arm pit.. in 1998, after living for 11yrs in wet, cloudy, moldy north calif, i move to St Croix US Virgin Island, figuring maybe (being Italian and such) i need to be in the sun more…more brown than most folks. i’m in USVI for approx 8mons, half that time i’m naked in the warm salty water or laying on the white sand beaches.. and guess what?? yes, i got brown and the skin around my hips cleared up and smoothed out. i also visited the Veteran Clinic there, w/ a wonderful angelic doctor knowledgable re: tropical!! skin diseses…who sez, this might not be eczema. what!!! i come back to south calif (san diego) and get into the Derm Clinic. It takes a few yrs of THEM not giving a —- and allowing me to fall thru the cracks of good medicine etc, but in early 2005, given a quick look over by a team of derms, it’s quickly ascertained i got CTCL, Cuteaous T-Cell Lymphoma. yes skin cancer..i’m so excited. we FINALLY KNOW WHAT IT IS! AND IT’S TREATABLE!! HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL…they look at me like i’m crazy, though they were VERY impressed w/ my intuit in getting myself to the Islands… yes they told me….UVB, light box, sunlight, yes…not too much, but yes.. and i can tell you, YES IT HAS WORKED BIG TIME..been going, stepping into Daavlin UVB light box nearly every week (sometimes 2x/wk) for 3yrs and VOILA! presto..gone”