Clear talk about Psoriasis

Clearly You Have Choices!

There are many choices available for the treatment of psoriasis. Some options are new, their risks and effectiveness unknown. Others are time-tested, proven to be effective, and their safety well established. Phototherapy has long been the option of choice for thousands of physicians and tens of thousands of patients around the globe. Whether used independently or in combination with a complementary agent, such as psoralen, phototherapy is the most trusted option available. The latest addition to psoriasis treatment options is a new breed of drugs known as “biologics”. These drugs essentially work by manipulating the body’s immune system. The pharmaceutical companies are now placing their considerable muscle-power behind promoting these drugs. And yet, by their own admission, the possible risks are serious, the drugs costly, and their long-term effectiveness not yet proven. We believe it’s time to set the story straight and make things “clear”. Psoriasis is a chronic disease. While most people with this skin condition are able to maintain a high quality of life there is no cure. Treatment means clearing or alleviating symptoms for a period of time. The key is in finding the treatment option that is best for you.