Payment Options

We understand that purchasing a phototherapy device is a big decision. For many people, owning their own unit is an important investment in their health, well-being and quality of life.

A home phototherapy unit is a one-time purchase with minimal upkeep.  Most patients say that their unit pays for itself in savings over a very short period of time, by eliminating the need for costly co-pays every time they visit the doctor’s phototherapy booth, time missed from work or school, gasoline, mileage, tolls, and parking fees.

When presented with the cost comparison, even insurance companies typically agree that owning a home unit is the most cost effective way to treat with light!  Add to this the increased patient satisfaction with their treatment plan and in all, home phototherapy is a very smart decision!

How much do Home Phototherapy Units cost?

The answer varies from patient to patient, because of differences between insurance policies, deductibles and plans.  For this reason, we work with each and every patient individually to find out what their final out-of-pocket cost will be…because almost no one pays the price printed on the list!

How can I pay for a Home Phototherapy Unit?

Daavlin offers several options for purchasing a home unit.  We will work with you individually to find a method that works best for you!

1.  Insurance:

You provide our Patient Account Specialist with your patient order forms along with your doctor’s written order form.  Once we receive the information, we begin to work with your insurance company.  We determine your network eligibility, pre-authorization requirements, deductible, co-pay and many other factors.  We will then contact you, to go over our findings, and proceed upon your approval.  There is no cost or obligation for this helpful service, and if your insurance doesn’t cover the first unit you selected, we can help you find a unit that is covered!

2.  Check, Money Order or Credit Card:

You may opt to buy your home unit out-right.  Simply fill out the order information and provide us with your doctor’s written order.  No “Assignment of Benefits” or “Letter of Medical Necessity” is needed if we are not billing your insurance.

3.  Daavlin Payment Plan:

Your order is placed with either method listed above, but whether it is a co-pay, deductible or the entire amount of your purchase, you may elect to use our Payment Plan.  This program requires a 50% deposit and then allows you to make payments on the balance for up to 12 months with very low finance charges.  Contact your Patient Account Specialist for more details!

Home Phototherapy for Canadian Patients