Get a Prescription for Home Phototherapy… Online!

Get a prescription for home phototherapy from the comfort and privacy of your home through our teledermatology program!

DaavlinDirect connects patients with board-certified dermatologists, using a cutting edge telemedicine portal. Online consultations are quick and easy, using a computer, smartphone or tablet to answer a brief health history and upload a few photos of your skin condition. Based on your diagnosis, the dermatologist will determine if phototherapy is right for you and if so, will provide a prescription.

If the dermatologist recommends home phototherapy, a copy of your prescription will automatically be sent to Daavlin, so that our team of patient account specialists can work directly with you and your insurance company to fill your prescription and ship your home phototherapy device right to your door!




DaavlinDirect is available in all 50 states.


If you have further questions about DaavlinDirect, please call us at (800) 322-8546 x 212.