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Daavlin offers a full line of quality lamps, eyewear and other accessories to help you with your home phototherapy treatments!

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Daavlin stocks a wide variety of lamps in UVA, Narrow Band UVB and Broad Band UVB.  We are capable of relamping any competitor phototherapy unit, as well as any Daavlin unit you may have.  See Lamp Specifications

Light Meter Rentals

You can rent the same meters that our service team rely upon for accuracy and dependability. We offer UVA1 and NB UVB specific meters, along with a combination UVA, BB UVB and NB UVB model. Our rental meters come with a protective carrying case, a tripod and bracket (meter kit).

UV Glasses:

Fitover style glasses can be worn over existing prescription glasses, while the regular design may be used if corrective eyewear is not worn.  Designed for use during and after PUVA treatments. Both styles are available in a variety of colors and offer excellent levels of comfort.

Sperti Goggles:

These lightweight goggles feature an adjustable noseband and head strap that delivers a comfortably snug fit, while effectively blocking all UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays. High quality design allows for clear, undistorted vision. Available in green or amber.

Super Sunnies:

Our Super Sunnies goggles are lightweight, comfortable, and feature an elastic string for easy adjustment. They completely and safely block all UV light while still allowing maximum facial exposure. Colors may vary.

1 Series Stand:

This stand allows your 1 Series to rotate to any angle increasing the comfort and ease of treatment.

M Series Table:

This high quality table is capable of housing two M Series Hand and Foot Units, positioned one above the other, for increased ease and comfort of treatment.

7 Series Castors:

Moving your 7 Series is quick and easy with these sturdy castors. They allow you to easily roll your unit into a closet or other out of the way location when not in use.

7 Series Wall Mounting Kit:

Another space saving option that allows you to hang your 7 Series on a wall.

Monk Disinfectant Wipes:

These outstanding wipes are EPA registered to kill 46 pathogens including MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and Influenza.  Gentle enough for everyday use these wipes have been tested and are guaranteed to not harm ultraviolet, or light transmitting surfaces.  Available in an 80ct canister.

Phototherapy Light Template:

This versatile template, with its unique shape and six cutouts, is great for limiting the exposure of unaffected skin during phototherapy treatments.  This durable and flexible template is recommended for use with the DermaPal and Levia phototherapy systems.

Levia LiteSpot Sliding Template:

These innovative sliding templates attach directly to end of your Levia LiteSpot. These templates allow the user limit the exposure of unaffected skin and single-handedly use templates in hard to reach areas such as elbows.

Levia Wire Cleaning Brush:

Improper cleaning habits are one of the leading causes of diminished Levia LiteBrush output. Protect your investment and keep your LiteBrush in peak condition with this cleaning brush.

Daavlin Lip Balm SPF 15:

Our high quality moisturizing lip balm provides year-round protection from UVA and UVB rays while sealing in moisture for softer and healthier lips.

UVB Care Index Matched Treatment Oil:

This optically clear treatment oil improves optical coupling to maximize light penetration during phototherapy treatments. When used properly this treatment oil will enhance the therapeutic effects of UVB phototherapy treatments.