Helpful Information for Using ClearLink

Daavlin’s ClearLink is a HIPAA compliant and secure online portal for prescribing Daavlin home phototherapy as well as other Daavlin home medical products.  Users can write and sign prescriptions, upload chart notes, and generate specific treatment instructions for patients.  ClearLink users can easily communicate with Daavlin’s home order processing staff through this portal and even request FlexRx refills.


ClearLink will request information such as the provider’s name, contact information, and physician NPI number(s).  This information is reviewed by the system’s administrator, usually within one day, and once approved, users may immediately invite other providers in the same practice/organization or begin the prescription process for the patient.

Multiple providers with a practice or organization.

Having one or more providers registered under the same practice means:

Writing prescriptions for your patients

Now, let’s talk about writing a prescription for your patients.  Most of this process is self-explanatory, but there are a few hints that may help you maximize the efficiency that ClearLink offers…