Helpful Information for Using ClearLink

ClearLink is Daavlin’s on-line system for managing home phototherapy patients.  HIPAA compliant and secure, you can write and sign prescriptions, upload patient files, and generate specific treatment instructions for your patient.  You can communicate with Daavlin’s home processing staff through this portal and even check the status of your patients’ orders and claim processing.

The following guidance will help you understand the ClearLink process and answer some frequently asked questions.

Registration of your practice or organization is the first step.  ClearLink will request information on your provider’s name and contact information as well physician NPI number(s).  This information is reviewed by the system’s administrators, usually within a day.  With approval in hand, you may begin using the system by either registering other providers in your practice or organization or you may begin the prescription process for a patient or patients.

Multiple providers with a practice or organization.

First, let’s talk briefly about what it means to have one or more providers registered under your practice…

Writing prescriptions for your patients

Now, let’s talk about writing a prescription for your patients.  Most of this process is self-explanatory, but there are a few hints that may help you maximize the efficiency that ClearLink offers…

 Generating a dosing guide

Because each insurance carrier has unique policies relating to coverage, we often find that the insurance approved device is different than the prescribed device, meaning that the prescription has to be changed.   The treatment instructions could be quite different, so for this reason ClearLink does not allow the generation of a dosing guide until it is known exactly what device was shipped.