Convenience of Phototherapy

Clearly More Convenient

Phototherapy consists of exposing the area of affected skin to the beneficial UV light. Traditionally, this has required visits to a physician’s office for treatment. Today, home phototherapy units are available.* What could be more convenient than self-administering your therapy in the privacy and comfort of your own home?**

Many of the biologic drugs require injections or intravenous infusion administered by a physician or nurse, typically bi-weekly over several weeks. Infections or skin reactions at the injection site have been noted in some clinical studies.

Which one would you prefer: A few minutes at home simply exposing your skin to the healing power of light or frequent visits to a physician’s office to receive sometimes uncomfortable injections?

*Home Phototherapy must be prescribed by a qualified physician.

**Most insurance companies reimburse the cost of a home phototherapy unit when it is found to be medically necessary.  Daavlin will assist you in submitting your claim for reimbursement.