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Why do “maintenance” phototherapy?

The effectiveness of phototherapy in relation to the initial clearance of psoriasis is well documented, but what about after your psoriasis has cleared? Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition and often requires long-term maintenance therapy to manage flare-ups and help keep the psoriasis at bay. So how does phototherapy stack up in terms of maintenance therapy? Well we are glad you asked!

The National Psoriasis Foundation’s spring 2013 issue of Psoriasis Forum addresses this very question in the article “Merits of Maintenance Phototherapy for Psoriasis.”  According to the authors, “Ultraviolet therapy remains one of the safest and most effective available treatments for maintenance use. There are essentially no systemic adverse effects other then those related to overexposure.” If the safety and effectiveness weren’t enough, the article also went on to say that “phototherapy was the most cost-effective treatment compared with systemic medications.”

So, not only is phototherapy one of the safest and most effective options for your maintenance therapy, it also helps keep more money in your pocket by offering you more bang for your buck. Pretty amazing!