Welcome Kit

Our Clinical Welcome Kit comes with each new 3 Series device purchased.  Inside, you will find the every day items you will need to enhance the phototherapy experience for your patients.

  • Daavlin Practice Builder Program – The thumb drive contains marketing materials that you may use to promote your phototherapy services.  It includes examples of direct mail letters, press releases and display ads that can be used in local advertising.


  • “Phototherapy and You” Patient Brochure – This informative patient hand-out will answer many questions your patients may have about phototherapy and the effect it will have on their skin.


  • Appointment Cards – Use these convenient appointment cards to inform your patients of their next visit.


  • Patient Calendars – Patients can use these convenient calendars to keep track of their phototherapy treatments.


  • Sanitizing Wipes – These wipes are great for keeping patient surfaces clean and your equipment looking new and fresh.  Use them all over the office!


  • DosePatch – Disposable MED/MPD test patches are a convenient way to determine a patient’s initial dose.  If you need more than six exposure ports, use two!


  • Lip Balm – This SPF 15 lip balm may be useful for your patients wishing to protect their lips during treatment and after.


  • UV Blocking Eyewear – UV blocking glasses and goggles are included to give your patients a choice when it comes to eye protection.


  • Home Phototherapy Prescription Pad – If you have patients who respond well to phototherapy, but are having trouble making it into the office consistently, you might consider writing a prescription for a Daavlin home phototherapy unit.  We offer free assistance with insurance pre-authorizations and claim filing.


A sample of all of these items comes in a convenient kit which includes reordering information.