UV Flex Retro Fit

What is a UV Flex Retro Fit?

The replacement of Daavlin’s older CE100 or CE300 control systems with Daavlin’s newest UV Flex control system.  This new system designed for a parallel conversion and the operating functions are very similar for a smooth transition to the latest Daavlin control system.

What is the UV Flex Controller?

A new advanced control system with state-of-the-art technology that allows you to enter the patient dosage and time of treatment without entering backup amounts or without the hassle of setting a manual timer.  The UV Flex control system offers unique safety features that ensure a safe and accurate treatment.

Why do I need to replace my old controller?

While your CE controller may still be functioning properly now, there is little or no indication of problems before they occur.  Due to the rapidly changing electronics field, and given the age of these control systems, part availability for the CE controllers has decreased dramatically.  Some parts are very difficult to find while others are no longer available.  This makes the repair of the CE boards very difficult, costly and sometimes lengthy if repairs are even possible.

What is involved in a UV Flex Retro-fit?

A Daavlin technician will come to your facility to install the new control system.  When finished with the installation, the technician will do a complete check over of the unit as well as a calibration.  We will also give a complete in-service training on the operation and the added features of the new system.

What are the costs involved in the UV Flex Retro-fit?

The price of replacing the CE control system is cost effective and warranted for one year.  Please contact Daavlin Service for your quote today at 800-322-8546 or 419-636-6304.