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Treat Yourself!

portable, phototherapy, daavlinYes, life is what happens while you’re making other plans.  How do you manage to keep your treatment regimen if you’re out of town?  Whether you’re on vacation or travel for business ignoring psoriasis is probably not the best plan.

On the other hand you can’t stay at home permanently especially if you need to put food on the table.

Phototherapy isn’t just for dermatology offices.  There are portable home units your doctor can prescribe to remove that concern.

Daavlin’s Dermapal has its own case and fits right in a small carry on size suitcase.  It’s great for scalp or small area treatment.  The 1 Series unit can also fit in a carry on suitcase.  Our staff have traveled with it and taken it right through security.  It has a larger area for larger area treatment.

Either way your physician will write a prescription and give you the plan so you know the regimen before you use it.

These units aren’t for everyone.  We wish they were.  But for the people who have the opportunity to use them it makes their lives so much easier and private.

Want to know more especially how insurance may reimburse you?  Contact one of our home product specialists today.

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