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The Gold Standard

The National Psoriasis Foundation 2011 Prescription Treatment Guide lists twenty-one separate questions you should consider when deciding on treatment. You can pretty much lump them under four separate considerations.

  1. Which is most effective?
  2. Which is safest?
  3. What is the duration of treatment?
  4. What are the side effects?

Choices of treatment include phototherapy (narrow band ultraviolet), traditional systemic treatments (pills, capsules, injections), biologic (health care professional or self-injection, intravenous infusion) and topical (creams).

According to Heather Johnson Durocher in the Guide

Narrow-band UVB is the gold standard now…You always have to worry about increased risk of skin cancer, but it’s such a rarity with this newer version of light therapy…

It’s always nice to have your research and development pay off in this big way!  On top of that phototherapy is so effective without all the side effects.

Pregnant women, children, liver-compromised, immuno-suppressed (including AIDS), elderly and cancer patients can use phototherapy without fear. Daavlin even has a “Distance Minder” that alarms when the distance from the lights is too short or too long.

The real plus?  You can treat yourself at home.  Our units still require prescriptions and monitoring by qualified physicians but it will make a world of difference in convenience.  Keeping the schedule is so much easier when weather, family time and work don’t interfere.

Call us if you need help with your insurance.  We’re experts at that too!


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