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The Distance Minder

An important part of getting good results using a phototherapy device is proper positioning. With many Daavlin stand-up units, the proper distance from the lamps is 9 inches (21 cm). This is fairly easy to achieve when facing the lamps, but when you are treating your back, how can you be sure you are positioned correctly and remain so? The distance minder is an adaptation of the devices now used on cars to tell you when you are about to run into the garage wall. When you are too far away, the distance minder will beep until you are positioned just right. If you are too close, a differently pitched beep will direct you to back up. The device won’t start if you are not positioned properly or if you move out of position for more than a few seconds, the unit will go on hold. The distance minder is a particularly useful option for children who may be fidgety during a treatment and have difficulty remaining in the proper position.

When you talk to our reps, ask about this important new option.

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