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The Difference Between Good and Great

Not everyone has easy access to dermatologists.  In some states reports are trying to discover if there are too many.  There are 11 listed for Wyoming, 427 here in Daavlin’s home state of Ohio and 1800 in California.  You can be the judge.

No matter if your options are limited or there’s one on every corner you have to find a doctor you like. Respect. Listen to.  An excellent doctor-patient relationship is key to ensuring success with treatment.

Adjusting to a chronic disease is hard.  A top-notch dermatology practice understands you have to completely accept that chronic is forever.  That there is no cure (at the moment anyway) and your life will change in ways you can’t imagine.

Good dermatologists have a well-trained staff.  Great dermatologists have a continually trained staff.  Staying on top of constantly evolving news and research breakthroughs mean better patient care.

The best doctors have empathy for their patients.  They figure out solutions like how to work around treatment when work requires travel. They realize how much is on the line when a psoriatic teen goes to the beach on vacation or a little boy can’t stop itching in class.

Best practices require certain technical and operational skills.  That means nothing unless the humans who use those skills do it with kindness and compassion.  It’s the least you deserve!

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