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The Back-Up Time

Daavlin phototherapy devices equipped with integrating dosimetry require that a back-up time be entered for every treatment.

Dosimeters use a sensor that primarily looks at the output of a single lamp. Without a back-up time, imagine what would happen if the lamp in front of the sensor were to fail. The dosimeter would detect a reduction in power output (falsely low because the rest of the lamps are functioning fine) and then it would add time to the treatment as a result of the falsely low reading. To overcome this potential problem, integrating dosimeter systems require that a “back-up time” be determined using a time chart that is provided with every device equipped with integrating dosimetry (or Daavlin’s new phototherapy app).

When a proper back-up time is used, the device will shut off when the desired dose is delivered OR when the back-up time expires, whichever comes first.

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