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Rough Patch

These characters are fictional but their situations are not.

It’s the fall of 1999.  Rod Hughes has made it to the big time!  A top name graduate business school.  Sure it’s stressful but this is what he wants and if that causes a little anxiety so be it.

Rod notices rough patches on his legs.  Not a big deal.  They don’t itch or anything.  He figures it’s the cheap laundry detergent he uses now.

Soon it spreads down his legs all the way to his feet.  The jeans he wears every day begin to chafe the already irritated skin. Socks and shoes? Torture.  He watches the weather every day hoping it will be warm enough to wear shorts and flip flops.  Rod knows his legs look terrible but he figures that he just needs a little time – maybe a little sun – maybe a better laundry detergent and they will clear up.

They have to clear up.  He has a life.  And this is waaaay interfering.

Finally, in desperation, he heads to the health clinic.  Maybe they have something.