SmartTouch Control System

SmartTouch™ is Daavlin’s proprietary control system which offers significant benefits and operational superiority over accepted dosimetry controllers. Its advanced technology gives you peace of mind in delivering accurate and effective treatments and maintaining patient records. Plus, its advanced technology eliminates errors and reduces physician liability.

SmartTouch technology allows you to set and lock in custom treatment parameters for each patient. The technology monitors things like treatment intervals and dosage increases based on the patient’s individual treatment plan. With such sophisticated oversight, it is next to impossible to mistakenly administer the wrong treatment.

Features of SmartTouch include permanent patient records; built-in protocols, operator tracking and system monitoring that ensure the accuracy of treatment settings and prevent errors.

Throughout treatment, SmartTouch keeps accurate, secure, EMR compatible records of the treatments delivered. The system’s customizable reporting tool allows for easy review of patient records, providing backup if a patient’s outcome or reaction to treatment is ever in question.  Please contact Daavlin to discuss your specific EMR needs as additional fees may apply to connect SmartTouch to your EMR software.

SmartTouch also makes it easy to link together a group of devices, keeping all patient records in a centralized database and greatly simplifying scheduling.

Thanks to SmartTouch, the patient experience is unparalleled. The system “talks” to patients, telling them what to expect as they begin treatment and then keeping them informed about how much time remains during the treatment. These reassuring voice instructions can be delivered in the patient’s choice of thirteen languages, in a soothing male or female voice.

Carefully conceived and time tested, SmartTouch by Daavlin takes care of the details, giving you and your patients peace of mind.


Unparalleled Safety

Data Management

Patient Friendly Features

The SmartTouch PC is a stand alone computer with its own display and keyboard that can be remotely located anywhere up to two hundred feet (sixty meters) from the device.

Using Daavlin’s SmartTouch Software, the system has built-in protocols, automatic metering, an almost unlimited storage capacity for patients and their treatment histories and a prescription system that makes it impossible to inadvertently give the wrong dose or the wrong type of therapy.