Safety Comparison – Phototherapy vs Biologics

Compare the Safety of Ultraviolet Phototherapy vs. Biological Drugs Used for the Treatment of Skin Disease

While biological drug therapies have become popular in the last few years, it is important to evaluate the safety of these medications. Every one of the following drugs has had numerous adverse effects and deaths where the drug was listed as the primary suspected cause. In contrast, Daavlin’s phototherapy is an extremely safe and effective method of treatment. Even Oxsoralen, a drug used in conjunction with ultraviolet light to create PUVA, has an exemplary safety record. We invite you to view the statistics of our competitors. Click the links to read FDA statements and other related information.

Adverse Effects:

Primary Suspect Adverse Effects for 2006-2015 Deaths for 2006-2015
Oxsoralen 3 0
Cosentyx 238 19
Protopic 624 46
Elidel 828 57
Raptiva 869 312
Otezla 1,875 56
Methotrexate 5,331 1,341
Stelara 6,491 498
Humira 55,287 9,377
Remicade 55,935 5,769
Enbrel 62,065 5,788

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*Although appearing to be the most innocuous of the biologic drugs in the comparison above; Raptiva was removed from the U.S. market on April 8, 2009 due to the risk of PML, a fatal brain infection. Data compiled using MedWatch statistics available at Enbrel is a registered trademark of Amgen, Inc. / Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Humira is a registered trademark of Abbott Laboratories. Remicade is a registered trademark of Centocor, Inc. Raptiva is a registered trademark of Genentech. Elidel is a registered trademark of Novartis. Protopic is a registered trademark of Astellas Pharma.