Revenue Calculator

Daavlin’s phototherapy devices are a useful addition to any dermatology practice, both in terms of providing a highly effective therapy for your patients revenue for you.

Unlike many cosmetic procedures, phototherapy is insurance reimburseable, and treatment protocols call for a minimum of two to three treatments per week. Use the convenient calculator below to determine the revenue you can expect from a phototherapy unit.


1. Select your region from the drop down list to enter an approximate reimbursement rate, or enter the fee you will charge.
2. Enter the number of days your unit will be in operation during the year.
3. See the revenue potential based on the number of treatments you deliver per day.

Treatments per Day Gross Revenue per Year

Information used to create this table was gathered from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services data, using the low-end Medicare reimbursement rates. As always, actual reimbursement amounts will vary and Daavlin assumes no liability for the accuracy of the data. © 2009 Daavlin