UV Light Meters

Light Meters:
Our compact, easy to use, all-in-one light meter accurately measures UVA, Broad Band UVB and Narrow Band UVB lamp output.  The meter comes with a protective carrying case and a tripod for convenient use. In addition we also offer Narrow Band UVB only, UVA-1 and Blue Light meters. (Meter tripod optional)

Part Number Meter Model Light Type Measured
925GOX96 Daavlin X-96 UVA, BB-UVB, NB-UVB
925GOX97NB Daavlin X-97 Narrow Band NB-UVB only
925GOX97 Daavlin X-97 UVA-1
925GOBLUE Daavlin Blue Blue Light
925METERKIT Optional meter kit fits all Daavlin meters