Replacement Lamps

Daavlin stocks a wide variety of lamps in UVA, Narrow Band UVB and Broad Band UVB.  We are capable of relamping almost any competitor phototherapy unit, as well as any Daavlin unit you may have. See Lamp Specifications

Daavlin Part Number Mfg. Part Number Lamp Type Length
060OF72HO F72T12/BL/HO UVA 72″
060FS72HO TL 100W/12 BB UVB 72″
060FS72SOFT TL 100W/01-FS72 NB UVB 72″
060OF24HO F24T12/BL/HO UVA 24″
060FS24HO TL 20W/12RS BB UVB 24″
060FS20TL-01 TL 20W/01RS NB UVB 24″
060PWUVALAMP PL-S 9W/10/2P UVA 6″ for DermaPal
060PWBBLAMP PL-S 9W/12 BB UVB 6″ for DermaPal
060PWNBLAMP PL-S 9W/01/2P NB UVB 6″ for DermaPa