Levia: Targeted Scalp and Spot Unit


Introducing Levia®

One device with two uses for the targeted treatment of psoriasis and vitiligo.

Levia NB Pro-Power for the Office

The Levia LiteSpot™ and LiteBrush™ deliver NB UVB directly and precisely to the affected areas of skin and scalp, minimizing the effect on surroundinguninvolved skin. The fiber optic brush is unique to Daavlin within the phototherapy industry. The LiteBrush bypasses the hair and delivers light directly to the scalp to provide the full healing benefit to the patient.  

The spectral output of Levia is in the 311-315nm Narrowband wavelength. By eliminating the 290-300nm component of UVB, there is a lower potential for erythema. Therefore, Levia can deliver stronger doses (multiple MEDs) to psoriatic plaques. Levia can deliver the level of light energy required for healing through a typical course of 25 – 30 treatments, or, with accelerated dosimetry, clearance can be achieved in as few as 10 treatments for psoriasis patients.  

The Levia Pro is designed for the professional with multiple patients. The advanced graphic interface with the innovative software is easy to understand and use. The unit is small yet powerful and the convenience of the carrying case make it perfect for any office, but especially those with limited space.  The Pro package provides everything needed to use targeted phototherapy in a clinical setting. The package contains additional brushes, protective eye wear, and supplies which allow you to treat patients as soon as the device arrives.  

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