Smart Touch Control

Your staff looks to you to provide them with equipment that is safe, easy to operate and reliable.  They will not be disappointed when they can deliver phototherapy using the Daavlin Smart Touch Phototherapy Software.

User Interface

Smart Touch can be operated using one of two different user interfaces – via a touch screen on the front of the unit (SP model) or using a keyboard/monitor/mouse setup (PC model).

Daavlin, phototherapy, treatment, psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, scleroderma, SADBuilt In Protocols

A network of treatment protocols allows you to set treatment parameters for each patient that will make it impossible to inadvertently deliver an excessive dose or the wrong kind of light.

User Accountability

A system of functional authority allows only designated operators to make treatment decisions that vary from the built-in protocols, while less qualified operators can be restricted to simply following the precribed regimen.  You decide who is authorized to adjust protocols or treatment schedules and who is qualified to just administer treatments. A user PIN number documents every adjustment to patients’ records.

Data Management

An electronic record is kept of the date, time, dosage and length of each treatment, along with the operator’s name.  Notes about the patient and treatment can also be recorded.

The system can accommodate thousands of patients’ treatment records, is capable of sorting and printing patient data for statistical analysis and is EMR ready.

The Voice System

Voice announcements advise patients on their treatment progress.  You can choose messages to be spoken in a male or female voice, in English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic (male only), Turkish, Chinese, or Finnish. This can be programmed on a patient-by-patient basis.

Unparalled Safety

With invisible but highly sophisticated systems at work, the 3 Series SP or 3 Series PC ensures safe, reliable, delivery of the intended dosage of ultraviolet light.  Ingenious “hardwire interlocks” operate even in the event of a major system failure, safeguarding against any safety issue for your patient.  When combined with the Smart Touch advanced operating system, operator errors are almost impossible to make.

Available Models:

  • SP 311/350 – Narrow Band UVB/UVA Combination
  • SP 311 – Narrow Band UVB only
  • SP 350 – UVA only
  • PC 311/350 – Narrow Band UVB/UVA Combination
  • PC 311 – Narrow Band UVB only
  • PC 350 – UVA only