Control Systems

The Ultimate Software For Phototherapy, SmartTouch Gives You…


Unparalleled Safety

• A network of built-in treatment protocols allows you to set treatment parameters for each patient that will make it impossible to inadvertently deliver an excessive dose or the wrong kind of light.   • A system of functional authority allows only designated operators to make treatment decisions that vary from the built-in protocols, while less qualified operators can be restricted to simply following the prescribed regimen.

Data Management

• Data is entered using a keyboard, mouse and monitor, all of which can be remotely located. This makes controlling the device from a nurses’ station, as an example, convenient and easy.

• An electronic record is kept of the date, time, dosage and length of each treatment, along with the operator’s name. Notes about the patient and treatment can also be recorded.

• The system can accommodate thousands of patients’ treatment records, is capable of sorting patient data for statistical analysis and is EMR ready.  Please contact Daavlin to discuss your specific EMR needs as additional fees may apply to connect SmartTouch to your EMR software.

• Patient treatment records and other useful reports such as your 3 Series daily usage data can easily be printed.

SmartTouch Network (PC System only)

• When purchased in conjunction with other SmartTouch enabled devices, the SmartTouch software can control them all from one PC.  Patient profiles are available on all devices connected to the SmartTouch Network.

Patient Friendly Features

• Voice announcements advise patients on their treatment progress. Select from a variety of languages, as well as male or female voices.

• If needed, a patient can pause their treatment at the touch of a button or simply by opening the doors.

SmartTouch Network, making scheduling simple and convenient.

The Smart Touch PCis a stand alone computer with its own display and keyboard that can be remotely located anywhere up to two hundred feet (sixty meters) from the device. Using Daavlin’s Smart Touch Software, the system has built-in protocols, automatic metering, an almost unlimited storage capacity for patients and their treatment histories and a prescription system that makes it impossible to inadvertently give the wrong dose or the wrong type of therapy.

• The most feature rich control system anywhere, Smart Touch provides an audible countdown of the treatment for your patients, in a choice of languages.

• A unique security system ensures that each operator of the device has only the level of operational authority that you grant them.

• Each treatment is thoroughly documented including the name of the operator, time and date, and time and dosage delivered.

• All records can be printed by patient or by day. Smart Touch also allows you to sort data on all of your patients by skin type, age, and total dosage, to name a few.

The X System, like the Smart Touch system, has automatic metering for both UVA and or UVB. Each type of UV, on combination units, is controlled by a separate controller. A required “back-up” system adds an extra level of security to the dose entry process to make sure that if an error is made it will not compromise safety for your patient.