3-series Patient Amenities

Patient Amenities

Your patients deserve the best… They look to you to provide the best treatment for their psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema or scleroderma. Your patients will not be disappointed when their phototherapy treatment is delivered in the comfort and security of the Daavlin 3 Series.


Looks count…the sleek, appealing style of the 3 Series will give your patients confidence that you want the best for them and will help affirm in their mind that phototherapy is the right treatment for their skin disease.

Special touches…your patients will appreciate the little things like the built-in storage space for their personal items and the clothes hanger placed conveniently on one of the doors. There is also a handy exterior compartment that allows the storing of operating manuals and a patient’s chart during treatment.

Calming your patients’ anxiety… It is not uncommon for patients to wonder when their treatment will end, especially as the course of treatments results in longer and longer treatment times. Daavlin’s unique audible message system not only tells the patient how long their treatment should last, but it gives them periodic updates; Once every five minutes at first, then every minute for the last five minutes.

Open top design…The top is open on all of Daavlin’s 3 Series cabins. A patient with claustrophobia would be grateful for this and all patients, in those moments before the lamps come on, will appreciate not having to enter a dark cabinet.

Comfort at their fingertips…A switch placed inside the cabinet allows the patient to control the cooling fans at the top of the unit.