Research Units

For over 20 years, Daavlin has applied its industry leading experience in medical light delivery technology to scientific research and industrial applications.  Our light delivery devices are equipped with a sophisticated integrated dosimetry metering system called Flex that delivers the desired light with consistency and accuracy.  This is especially important in research applications where  there is no substitute for precision and repeatability. Without integrated dosimetry, it is impossible to know exactly how much light energy is being delivered due to environmental factors, such as lamp temperature.  Accurate and consistent dose control is impossible with timer-only controllers. Daavlin dosimetry controlled devices  eliminate these concerns and give additional benefits of lower electrical power consumption and more efficient use of expensive specialty lamps and lab time.

Daavlin can provide a variety of stock UV research units, but excels at producing customized solutions to difficult light delivery problems.  In custom applications, spectral outputs from 200nm to 1000nm are available.  Control electronics options include stand-alone dosimetry or highly sophisticated personal computer based software control systems derived from Daavlin’s cutting edge medical equipment.

Examples of previous custom projects include:

Photosensitvity testing for human and veterinary drug applications Sunscreen SPF quantification machines Solar Simulation for skin cancer research Construction material UV testing (paint, siding, roofing, etc) Rapid-Test solar simulators for material aging (Using Lumera Technology) Photolighography equipment (with dosimetry to optimize lamp life and line speed)

Partial Customer List:

Ontogeny Corporation, Cambridge, MA Mary Kay Cosmetics Case Western Reserve University University of Texas at Austin University of Michigan Rutgers University Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York Columbia Presbyterian Hospital University of California San Francisco VA Cleveland Pfizer Amgen Rockefeller University University of South Dakota University of Wisconsin OSI Pharmaceuticals Johns Hopkins University of Alabama-Birmingham

Choice of UVA, Broad Band UVB, or Combination Units

Daavlin UV Research Units are manufactured to provide a concentrated ultraviolet light source.  This type of unit can aid in all types of research and testing.  They are built of heavy-duty steel and UL approved components and are warranted for 3 years. These UV Research Units can be manufactured with either 24″ (61 cm) or 48″ (122 cm) (approx.) lamps. There are some important considerations when deciding which length lamps to use. Advantages of 24″ lamps – If you need a small exposure area, these lamps will be advantageous since they are only 24″ long.  The use of 24″ lamps can be efficient when you need both UVA and broad band UVB lamps in the same fixture. Disadvantages of 24″ Lamps – The ends of the fluorescent lamps have a sharp falloff in energy output.  Therefore, there is a higher percentage of area along the length of each lamp that is less useful than with 48″ lamps.  Because there are many more cathodes in a typical unit equipped with 24″ lamps than one with 48″ lamps, these devices tend to run hotter.  The hotter a lamp runs, the more pronounced the energy output falloff over a long exposure time. Advantages of 48″ Lamps – They run cooler.  The longer the lamp, the greater the efficiency in terms of power output.  In general, a 48″ lamp will have higher output/shorter treatment times than a 24″ lamp. Disadvantages of 48″ Lamps– They are not as efficient in combination units due to the smaller quantity of lamps compared to a dedicated unit.

Unit Features and Specifications:

This Daavlin Research Irradiation Unit consists of a fixture mounted on adjustable legs. Mounted within the exposure unit are 12 lamps measuring either 24″ or 48″ long.  Avaliable lamp types are 12 UVA lamps, 12 broadband lamps, or a 12 lamp combo unit (with 6 UVA and 6 broadband UVB). The machine is available in 120V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz.  It is available in the following configurations:

Lamp Part Volt Lamps Type
48″ 818PH0012X648 110-120V, 60HZ 305-12 BB UVB only
48″ 818PH0012X548 220-240V, 50HZ 305-12 BB UVB only
48″ 818PH1200X648 110-120V, 60HZ 350-12 UVA only
48″ 818PH1200X548 220-240V, 50HZ 350-12 UVA only
48″ 818PH0606X648 110-120V, 60HZ 305/350-6/6 BB UVB and UVA
48″ 818PH0606X548 220-240V, 50HZ 305/350-6/6 BB UVB and UVA
24″ 818PH0012X6 110-120V, 60HZ 305-12 BB UVB only
24″ 818PH0012X5 220-240V, 50HZ 305-12 BB UVB only
24″ 818PH1200X6 110-120V, 60HZ 350-12 UVA only
24″ 818PH1200X5 220-240V, 50HZ 350-12 UVA only
24″ 818PH0606X6 110-120V, 60HZ 305/350-6/6 BB UVB and UVA
24″ 818PH0606X5 220-240V, 50HZ 305/350-6/6 BB UVB and UVA

The exposure system is controlled using the Daavlin Flex Integrating Dosimeter Controller.  Dose units are entered in millijoules for broadband UVB and joules for UVA. Lamp Types: UVA lamps range from 320 to 400 nanometers Broad band UVB lamps range from 290 to 320 nanometers Approximate Lamp Output:

 Type UVA Broad Band UVB
12 Lamps 18 mW n/a
UVA/6 Broad Band UVB 6.5 mW 2.5 mW

Lamp Specifications Dimensions

Unit Length Width Height
24″ unit 36″ (91.5 cm) 27 ¼” (69 cm) 25″ (63.5 cm)
48″ unit 52″ (132 cm) 27 ¼” (69 cm) 25″ (63.5 cm)

Download Specifications

Height Adjusting Legs

The height from the irradiating surface to the lamps can be adjusted using hydraulic legs and a manual crank.  Minimum height is 6″ to a maximum height of 18″. Blocking Curtain – Used to prevent UV from radiating beyond the exposure area.  It is attached with Velcro and adjusts in height along with the unit. Movable Cart – Heavy duty metal cart allows the irradiating surface to be at a comfortable working height.  Castors provide unit mobility. Integrating Dosimetry– Ensures the greatest accuracy in dosing by taking a virtually constant power output reading of the lamps and then integrating the data into the set treatment dose which is denominated in Joules/cm2 for UVA and milliJoules/cm2 for UVB.  Any fluctuation in lamp output is automatically compensated for by the integrating dosimeter.  The UV detectors that provide energy output information to the system can either be built into the machines or can be placed on a connector so that he detector can be placed anywhere within the exposure area.  This may be desirable if a very accurate measurement of the unit’s output at the treatment area is required.

Optional Accessories

Irradiance Meter

For accurate monitoring of source irradiance, ensuring consistency of dose measurement, Daavlin offers an easy to use, hand-held meter.  The meter is compact and designed for mobile use.  Each unit is calibrated by Daavlin and includes a calibration certificate.  It measures UVA and broad band UVB.