Clinical Phototherapy

The use of ultraviolet light in the treatment of photo-responsive skin diseases is safe, highly effective and time-tested, making it an essential tool in modern dermatology offices.

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Prescribing Home Phototherapy

Daavlin makes prescribing home units easy by working directly with your patients, handling their insurance needs and putting the dosing information into your hands.

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Phototherapy Accessories

Daavlin offers a wide range of phototherapy accessories such as lamps and goggles as well as services such as extended warranty and maintenance agreements.

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Research Units

Laboratories at major research institutions rely on Daavlin to provide devices that deliver consistent, highly accurate dosages of UV energy.

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NeoLux Full Body Cabinet

NeoLux combines the power of light and the beauty of innovation using SmartTouch™ control, Crystal Clear™ acrylic interior and Crystal Cool™ temperature management.

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Smart Touch

Your staff deserves the best!  They look to you to provide them with equipment that is safe, easy to operate and reliable.  They won’t be disappointed when they can deliver phototherapy with the Daavlin 3 Series NeoLux.

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Safe and Effective

For the treatment of psoriasis, phototherapy is the leader in both effectiveness and speed of clearance. Narrowband UVB and PUVA (Psoralen + UVA) are safe, work extremely well, and are twice as fast at clearing patients with moderate to severe psoriasis.

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Biologics & the FDA

While biological drug therapies have become popular in the last few years, it is important to evaluate their safety. Many have had numerous adverse effects and deaths where the drug was listed as the primary suspected cause.

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More Affordable

We all share in the responsibility to hold down healthcare costs when we can without compromising the quality of care.  Phototherapy is effective and safer than biologic drugs. It is also 75% to 85% less costly!

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Not all Phototherapy is Equal.
See the Daavlin Difference!

More Accuracy

There are significant differences between machines equipped with integrated dosimetry, and those without it. If your goal is accurate dose control for optimum treatment outcome, Daavlin integrated dosimetry offers significant advantages over other controllers.

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Research and Innovation

At Daavlin, we are always pushing our technology to do something better or safer. Daavlin has applied its industry leading experience in medical light delivery technology to scientific research and advanced industrial applications.

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Customer Service

Our customer focused, hands-on approach to service sets us apart from others in our industry and gives you peace of mind. You can depend on our team to be just a phone call away, ready to respond to your needs.

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