Phototherapy Is Affordable

Clearly More Affordable

We all share in the responsibility to hold down healthcare costs when we can without compromising the quality of care.  Phototherapy is effective and safer than the new biologic drugs. It is also 75% to 85% less costly!

The chart below provides a cost comparison. Phototherapy is effective, safer, and a fraction of the cost. Should phototherapy be your option of choice?


Cost of Phototherapy,
Systemic Therapy,
and Biologic Therapy*22
Annual Per
Patient Cost
Annual Cost
Per Successful
UVB $3600 $5100
UVA $4600 $5700
Systemic Therapy
Cyclosporine $6500 – $10,000 $14,000
Methotrexate $1300 – $3300 $5400
Acitretin $5200 $17,300
Biologic Therapy
Infliximab $18,000 $22,500
Alefacept $16,000-$20,000 $40,600
Efalizumab NA NA
Etanercept $16,900 – $33,000 $35,900
*PUVA indicated psoralen and UVA: NA, not available

Data are from Feldman SR et al.

**Refers to the monies expended on all patients by the healthcare system for a given therapy divided by the number of patients with a successful outcome

Information presented is taken from an article authored by John Koo, M.D. entitled Efficacy  of  PUVA  Phototherapy Compared  With  Biologics,  published in Cosmetic Dermatology, Vol. 17 No. 11 S3, Nov. 2004.

Presented in part at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting, New York, New York, July 28- Aug. 1, 2004.