Home Phototherapy in Canada

Canadian Home Phototherapy Patients

As the demand for home phototherapy continues to grow, Daavlin is excited to announce our latest expansion to include patient account specialists dedicated to patients located in Canada. Our specialists are here to help you with any questions you may have, from insurance information to payment options to shipping your unit.

Contact your Canadian patient account specialist by:

How to order your home phototherapy unit:

For your convenience, our Canadian Home Order Form and Physician’s Written Order for Canada forms are now available for download. Print the form, fill it out, then fax, mail or email it to us!


Some Canadian insurance companies may cover a portion of your home phototherapy equipment if prescribed by a physician. The following original documentation should be provided to the insurance company by postal mail.

Contact your Canadian Patient Account Specialist for more detailed instructions regarding your specific insurance company.


Daavlin offers free standard shipping to most locations in Canada as well as broker services. The patient will be responsible for paying the Canadian taxes. Please contact your Canadian Patient Account Specialist for more details.

Payment Options:

We understand that purchasing a phototherapy device is a big decision. For many people, owning your own unit is an important investment in your health, well-being and quality of life.

A home phototherapy unit is a one-time purchase with minimal upkeep. Most patients say that their home unit has more than paid for itself in savings over a short period of time from gasoline, mileage, tolls, and parking fees.  A home unit is also convenient when you consider the time missed from work or school when having to treat more than two to three times a week in a physician’s office.

Daavlin offers several options for purchasing a home unit.  We work with each patient to find a method that works for them! You can pay for your product by check or credit card. Or, you may opt to pay by using our monthly payment plan.

Daavlin Payment Plan:

This program requires a 50% deposit and then allows you to make payments on the balance for up to 12 months with very low finance charges. Contact your Canadian Patient Account Specialist for more details!

Patient Support:

Health Canada Approved Daavlin Units For Home Use:

The Daavlin Home Phototherapy equipment below are all Health Canada approved along with US FDA, and European CE approved.