Patient Testimonials


Taken with permission from an E-mail from M.K., 7/08….



“i should be the poster child for phototherapy…

in 1976, w/in a year of leaving the armed services and the jungles of Alabama and Mississippi w/ a honorable discharge, thank you, a strange patch of skin developed on my left calf. soon after that, patches showed up around my hip area.

at first, visiting the local loco dermatologist, it was diagnosed as numular eczema.. he told me there was no cure, get used to it, to lead a stress free life, and prescribed Anarax ? What an — he was..and he’s still in business.

ok so shoot ahead 20yrs…and i’m dealing w/ the continual flaking off of skin around my hips..sometimes bloody sores, when i’m stressed out..a patch develops under my right arm..below the arm pit..

in 1998, after living for 11yrs in wet, cloudy, moldy north calif, i move to St Croix US Virgin Island, figuring maybe (being Italian and such) i need to be in the sun more…more brown than most folks. i’m in USVI for approx 8mons, half that time i’m naked in the warm salty water or laying on the white sand beaches.. and guess what??

yes, i got brown and the skin around my hips cleared up and smoothed out. i also visited the Veteran Clinic there, w/ a wonderful angelic doctor knowledgable re: tropical!! skin diseses…who sez, this might not be eczema. what!!!

i come back to south calif (san diego) and get into the Derm Clinic. It takes a few yrs of THEM not giving a —- and allowing me to fall thru the cracks of good medicine etc, but in early 2005, given a quick look over by a team of derms, it’s quickly ascertained i got CTCL, Cuteaous T-Cell Lymphoma.

yes skin cancer..i’m so excited. we FINALLY KNOW WHAT IT IS! AND IT’S TREATABLE!! HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL…they look at me like i’m crazy, though they were VERY impressed w/ my intuit in getting myself to the Islands…

yes they told me….UVB, light box, sunlight, yes…not too much, but yes..

and i can tell you, YES IT HAS WORKED BIG TIME..been going, stepping into Daavlin UVB light box nearly every week (sometimes 2x/wk) for 3yrs and VOILA! presto..gone”

All you guy’s are really great. Bob answered all my queries. I feel so well taken care of by the Daavlin Team. – H.S. Buellton, CA

Sonia was excellent! I chose Daavlin because of it’s reputation and they had the best price, too. – J.B. Orrington, ME

Even in the snow, Trevor made it into the office right on time! He was very helpful and friendly. We chose Daavlin for our clinic because of the company’s reputation and products. -Lori

I don’t know what I would have done without you! BTW, the treatments are working. I am only in week 4 and the plaquing is less and my feet don’t look as red. I even have one tiny area where the skin already looks almost normal!!! Yipeee! Usually heat really flares things up and I was in Sacramento for 3 days this week and the temps were 106…my feet did pretty good which is miraculous! I took my lights with me and did a treatment so I could stay on schedule. Wish you guys were closer…I would come and say Hi! – H.T. Reno, NV

Kim went way out of her way to help me. She was courteous, professional and very knowledgeable about the products and my insurance. – R.W. Winterhaven, FL

I was not home when my machine arrived. I called in and talked to the tech (Joe) and he was very detailed and good! – J.S.

I recently received my M series unit. Emily was my Patient Account Specialist and did a great job of keeping me informed on the progress of my insurance claim. Daavlin wasn’t in my insurance network, but she took care of getting them to make an exception and all of the paperwork. My dermatologist office had no previous experience with home phototherapy and Daavlin’s staff has been a God send to both the doctor’s office and to me. Emily, John and Joe have been so patient with me and the nurses. Because of Daavlin I am now on my way to proper treatment protocols. My only suggestion is to make the instruction manual a little bit easier for those of us who don’t know what we are doing! Thanks for sharing all of your time and expertise! – J.M. Crystal, MN

Daavlin was recommended by my dermatologist, and I was very happy about the way they handled my insurance for me. Kim was outstanding! -R.P. Lewes, DE

Sonia was great! She has an excellent overall knowledge, and was always so polite! I trusted her and she worked out all the details of my insurance coverage. I heard about Daavlin from the National Psoriasis Foundation and told my doctor about it. -S.A. Jackson Heights, NY

Your technician Scott was in our practice for our regularly scheduled maintenance. He showed up early, which was great, and was very quick, and pleasant to work with. -Jalelah

Thank you for helping with the approval from my insurance. My doctor told me that he wanted me to have a home phototherapy unit and Emily was so helpful. She explained the whole process, every step of the way. – D.K. Omaha, NE

Trevor has been to my office several times performing regular maintenance to our units. Everytime he is here he is great. He never rushes through our questions, and we are very satisfied with our Daavlin booths. Trevor, John, Joe, Jerelyn and Michele are credits to your company. Thank you to everyone who helps us! – R.S. MD

Phototherapy has always worked for me. I saw an ad in the NPF magazine for Daavlin home units as well as another company, so I called them both. The other company I had to leave a message. When I called Daavlin, Kim answered the phone and she impressed me so much that I made my decision to choose Daavlin. The way Daavlin does all of the insurance filing is so helpful. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone! – M.S.

Kudos to Mark! He was the service technician who suggested backing up our settings on a flash drive! Thanks for the tip! – David

I was making too many trips to the doctor’s office and the cost of the copay was too much. My doctor prescribed a Daavlin 7 Series for my psoriasis. I got the kind with lamps in the doors because I also have psoriasis on my sides. Daavlin was top notch. I’m satisfied with everything! Thank you! – R.K. Penobscot, ME

Emily, Thanks so much for your compassion and patience. I’ll always remember how you helped me. – Betty

Daavlin has always been preferred by our physician. When Scott was in the office last week he was very friendly and informed us on all of the details of our new 3 Series! – Deanna

I heard about Daavlin home units from the National Psoriasis Foundation. Daavlin helped me find a doctor in my area. No one else has offered to help me so much. Thanks! – S.K.

I couldn’t have asked for a more attentive, knowledgeable and hardworking Account Specialist than Sonia. She followed the entire process, keeping me updated all the way. She answered all of my questions promptly and accurately. I wish that other companies were as responsive and helpful as Daavlin has been. – C.C. (on behalf of child, A.C.)

Mark was very helpful. When he was in our office he was able to point out things we should do and answered all of our questions! – Sara, MI