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No Weigh!

It just isn’t fair.

Psoriasis treatment is designed with one purpose: To make it go away or at least help it get better.  And there many treatments that do just that.  But too often psoriasis sufferers don’t understand all the side effects.

Biologic treatments like Enbrel® and Remicade® do make a difference in the appearance of psoriasis or no one would use them.  Most of their side effects and black box warnings are well known.  Except maybe the annual weight gain.

That’s right.  A recent report on biologic treatment on psoriatic arthritis confirmed that using biologic treatments (the same ones used for psoriasis) increased bone mineral density resulting from a decrease in bone resorption and an increase in an insulin-like growth factor.  Body mass and lean mass increases were related to that insulin-like growth factor.

In other words, this means you will gain weight using biologic treatments.  They do not increase fat but do increase body weight.  The ten pounds or so per year gained are correlated to the chemical changes that occur when using a biologic treatment.

Some people are willing to overlook the risks to the insides of their bodies: Liver damage, organ failure, increases in certain kinds of cancer.  They convince themselves, “It couldn’t happen to me.” Unfortunately, it does happen – way too often.  Look at the numbers.

Adding an average of ten pounds of extra weight a year, in addition to all of the other risks of biologic drugs?  Well, it just isn’t worth it.  Not when there is a better option.

Phototherapy doesn’t have black box warnings and it doesn’t cause weight gain.  What it does do is clear your skin, ease your mind and simplify your psoriasis treatment in a safe and affordable way.  Now that’s something worth reporting!