ML24000: High Intensity UVA1

Daavlin has received 510K clearance from the FDA to market a new standup UVA1 phototherapy cabinet, the ML24000.  This machine is the first approved UVA1 phototherapy device capable of treating all sides the body at once, a feature that effectively halves treatment time.

The ML24000 uses a combination of high pressure lamps and special filters to produce an extremely pure UVA1 output, with much more optical power than inconsistent fluorescent UVA1 tubes.

The ML24000 makes high dose protocols possible without patient fatigue, and makes scheduling patients much simpler due to increased throughput.

Additionally, with a sleek, modular, standup design, the ML24000 has a minimal footprint, and can be installed in locations that are half the size as required for earlier, bed-type UVA1 machines and even separates into pieces for assembly in small rooms.

The ML24000 uses the reliable, proven Daavlin Flex Controller, and has minimal consumable costs.

Current research continues to point to new treatment indications and uses for UVA1 phototherapy.