M-Series: FAQ

Your site shows two units on a table. If I want the same set up, do I order two units and a table, or does it all come together?

Each piece is priced separately. If you would like to treat the hands and feet simultaneously, you need to order two units and the M Series Treatment Table.

How much do your M Series units weigh?

Each unit weighs approximately 74 lbs.

Does the hood come off?

Yes. The hood detaches so the unit can be mounted to a wall or stood on end for small patch treatment.

Does the M Series require any assembly or installation?

The unit’s main fixture and hood are shipped in two separate boxes. You just need to unpack them and set the hood on top of the base. Full instructions are included in the operating manual of the unit. The M Series Table requires about 10 minutes of simple assembly.

Is Narrow Band UVB available in the M Series?

Yes, we now have narrow band UVB and UVA/narrow band UVB combination units available.

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