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It's The (Dis)Comfort Factor

If psoriasis covers 1% of your body – roughly the size of your hand – your psoriasis is considered mild.  But most dermatologists rate severity based on discomfort.   If the 1% covers your face or your genitals for example it’s probably not defined as mild.  At least by you!

Most people will do anything to make it better: Less itchy, less red, less noticeable.  And there are a lot of products that do that.   Choosing among them can be the hard part.

Here’s what you will want to discuss with your physician.

  1. Safety
  2. Duration of treatment
  3. Price

Like to do your own investigating before the next visit?  Every single product whether it’s a cream, an infusion or phototherapy lists all the risks and side effects right on the manufacturer’s website.


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