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Introducing Levia, our Latest Addition!

Levia Personal Targeted Phototherapy Device

Levia Personal Targeted Phototherapy Device

We are pleased to announce that Daavlin has been appointed by Lerner Medical Devices (LMD) to exclusively manufacture, sell and support their Levia Targeted Home Phototherapy Device. 

Levia is a now a part of the Daavlin family of phototherapy products!

Daavlin has had a close relationship with the staff and management of Lerner Medical Devices (LMD) for many years.  As LMD has grown, their primary focus has shifted to research and development rather than product management. Daavlin is pleased to have become their face to the world and we are equally pleased to welcome you as our customer.

Daavlin products are used daily in every state of the union and in over seventy countries around the world.  The chances are good that our clinical products are even being used in your local dermatologist’s office!

The Levia Personal Targeted device is a perfect complement to our line of home units and will become part of a family of products used by patients in their homes for the treatment of skin disorders such as psoriasis, vitiligo, and eczema.  Our products range from small hand held devices to panel units to full-body devices.  So whether you already have a Levia unit or are still looking for the best home phototherapy option for you, we are confident that we can meet your needs!

You may have questions such as “What phone number should I call?” or “What will happen to my warranty?”

We have a highly experienced customer service department to assist you.  If you are in the process of purchasing a Levia, we will assign you a helpful and experienced representative who will personally handle your prescription and insurance processing from start to finish.  And, to ensure that you feel comfortable with your new home unit, our resources include a dermatology nurse who can answer your questions and help you successfully use your device to achieve the best possible results.   We are here to help you every step of the way!

Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure a smooth transition for all Levia customers.  Your warranty will remain in effect and you will still be able to order shampoos and accessories.  In addition to the telephone numbers and email addresses you have used in the past, the following numbers can now be used as well:  (phone) 1-800-322-8546 and (fax) 1-419-636-7916. 

Please explore our website or email us at or  For your convenience, our telephone lines and online “chat” are manned until 8:00 pm Eastern time, Monday through Thursday, and until 5:00pm EST on Fridays.  We look forward to serving you!