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Go To The Light – Maybe

Ultraviolet light has been a cure all for millennia.  Light and heat from the sun provides warmth, sustenance and a way to mark days and hours.

It also makes people feel good.  You don’t need to read a study (although there have been plenty!) to know when the sun is shining there are fewer grumpy customers, less road rage and school kids count the hours and minutes until they can get outside.

We’ve become sun worshippers much like the early prehistoric people who considered the sun a god.  Unfortunately we’ve learned to our sorrow the sun’s UV rays are a double edged sword.  On one hand they can help improve skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. On the other too much exposure can lead to skin burns and cancer.  Like everything too much of a good thing is…well, not.

Psoriasis sufferers benefit from the sun.  Unless you’re living at the equator, though, you can’t count on it for a specific number of hours.  There are clouds and work and school and families to raise.  So while it feels wonderful and helps clear skin relief isn’t predictable.

UV therapy has been around for decades.  It had problems primarily burning skin and cancer.  That’s just not good.  But at the time it was something.

In the meantime we also became drug worshippers.  Not in any malicious or negligent way.  It was just thrilling to know major diseases could be cured and minor ones could be less inconvenient.  Pop a pill, get medication in an IV, vaccinate your kids with a sugar cube.  What’s not to love?

In those early days the cure was definitely not worse than the illness.  Shoot.  A lot of those things killed people long before their time.  And then…the most innovative companies in the world began to tackle other things.


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