Free Patient’s Insurance Assistance

Home Phototherapy Insurance Reimbursement Program

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else would take on the agonizing chore of dealing with the insurance company from start to finish? Reduce the hassle by letting us do the work for you!

Daavlin has over 16 years of experience in insurance reimbursement assistance and getting payment towards home phototherapy equipment. We will assist you in getting pre-authorization and filing the insurance claim. Simply submit the following information to your Patient Representative and Daavlin will do all the work!

Home Phototherapy Order Packet

Print the Home Phototherapy Order Packet and submit:

Fax the information to 419-636-7916, email to or mail to Daavlin, PO Box 626, Bryan, OH 43506.

If you have any questions or require immediate assistance call Daavlin at 1-800-322-8546.