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Flex Rx

A few dermatologists hesitate to prescribe home phototherapy units because they feel they may lose control of their patient’s treatment because there is nothing to stop the patient from using the device without ever further consulting the prescriber. Daavlin understands that regular follow-up examinations by your physician are an integral and important part of safe and successful phototherapy regimen. That is why we developed Flex Rx: Exposure Limiting Software.

If requested by the prescribing physician, a home phototherapy unit will be equipped with Flex Rx. This system limits the number of treatments that can be delivered, so when the prescription is complete a “refill” must be obtained. Flex Rx is optional and there is provided at no extra cost.

We recommend that patients call or visit their doctor when 10-12 treatments remain. The doctor or nurse can fax in or call in a refill for the next series of exposures. The process is simple for you and your doctor and assures you both that your treatments are progressing safely and as expected.