Conversion Narrow Band UVB

What is a Narrow Band UVB Conversion?

A Narrow Band UVB Conversion is the replacement of UVA and/or Broad Band UVB lamps with new Narrow Band UVB lamps and complete upgrade of applicable software, controls and components.

What are the benefits of Narrow Band UVB Conversion?

What options are available in a Narrow Band UVB Conversion?

Complete and partial conversions are available for virtually any Daavlin full-body cabinet.  For example, if you have a cabinet with 36 UVA lamps and 12 Broad Band UVB lamps, a conversion is available to update your cabinet to 24 UVA lamps and 24 Narrow Band UVB lamps, or a full 48 lamp Narrow Band UVB Cabinet.

What is involved in a Narrow Band UVB Conversion?

A Daavlin trained technician will travel to your facility to perform the Narrow Band UVB conversion.  when completed, the technician will clean, calibrate, and perform a function test on your unit.  We will also provide training for any control system changes and answer any questions you have about the operation of your new Narrowband unit.  Training on the use of Narrowband UVB light can be obtained through the National Psoriasis Foundation.

What are the cost factors of a Narrow Band UVB Conversion?

The cost of a Narrow Band UVB Conversion is based on the number and type of lamps involved and the necessary components that may be required to update your control system.  In most cases, a Narrow Band UVB Conversion is cost effective.

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